Balance and falls prevention

If you have had a fall or even a near miss, physiotherapy can help to assess your balance and provide you with exercises and strategies to prevent future falls.

Falling can result from weak muscles, poor joint range, poor sensation (not just from your skin) and impaired vestibular function among other causes. Conditions like Parkinson’s disease lead to falls as a result of these impairments. Aside from specific diseases, many older people become generally deconditioned with age which leads to increased risk of falls.

Whether or not you have fallen, the fear of falling can be debilitating in its own right. Many people who present with falls are too scared to fall again so become very sedentary. This leads to further deconditioning and increases the risk of falling again. Breaking this cycle can take time and support as few people can truly understand this fear

If you are having falls, near misses, are generally unsteady or scared to move because of a fall, get in touch with our team today.

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