Neurological Rehab

Neurological rehabilitation is an element of rehabilitation focused on optimising movement and function of individual joints, muscles and the body as a whole. It deals with impairment of the central, peripheral and autonomic nervous systems and all effector tissue. This includes the brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves and muscles


Many conditions occur suddenly such as


Spinal cord injury


Traumatic brain injury

Guillian-Barré Syndrome

Post excision of brain tumour


While some become progressively worse over time

Multiple Sclerosis

Motor Neuron Disease

Muscular Dystrophy

Parkinson’s Disease

Charcot-Marie Tooth Disease

Brain Tumour

Cerebellar Disease



How can we help?


Each neurological condition presents with a unique combination of symptoms which allow and prevent a vast range of functional abilities. We work with you by discussing your goals, what you want to get out of physiotherapy then provide you with exercises, tasks, advice and assist in equipment prescription to help you reach your full potential.


Many people under the age of 65 can also access these supports through the NDIS.

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